Secondhand Serenade Brings a Little Acoustic Love to the Culture Room

Secondhand Serenade brings to mind wearing a recycled engagement ring or dating someone who has past lovers' names tattooed on them. It can be an awkward and potentially dangerous thing. In the case of this California group's soft, acoustic repackaging of alternative emo rock, it comes completely naturally.

Singer/guitarist John Vesely's pedigree in music allows him to add credence and depth to the emotion-ridden songscapes about the ups and downs of his romantic life. The son of a jazz musician who stinted in numerous bands and genres before finding his, ahem, "calling," Vesely does it well and with gusto. A romantic, I guess, in the classical sense.

Joining the love-in will be the dynamic electro-pop rock of the White Tie Affair, the electric double-take of Runner Runner, and Tallahassee pop-rockers Go Radio. Guitar nerds out there, take note: The ladies like to be serenaded, even if the song ain't your own.

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