Sip and Spin

Via Audio plays a rousing game of Balloon Bingo.

Fronted by the lyrically astute Jessica Martins' pulpy coo, Via Audio floats out of Boston on mellow vocals and instrumentation to ply catchy, melodic folk-pop. The laid-back four-piece formed around Beantown's Berklee School of Music in 2002 and released its eponymous debut EP last year to minor critical acclaim. In the vein of a softer, less biting Rilo Kiley, Via Audio fills its songs with fantastic hooks and sweet musical backdrops. Touches of Death Cab for Cutie fizz up through slight electronic flourishes and wistful, singer/songwriter style composition. Relaxed like a sultry summer night, this might be the perfect band for an evening of appletinis and a gentle, tipsy sway -- which makes Dada the perfect place to soak up these tunes.

Via Audio and Band Marino play at 8 p.m. Sunday, August 14, at Dada Restaurant and Lounge, 52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. The show's free. Call 561-330-3232.

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