Six Recording Studios to Check Out in Broward County

Six Recording Studios to Check Out in Broward County

Some people are OK cutting their band's first demo on a beat-up four-track in their buddy's garage on a TDK D90 IEC1/Type I audio cassette. Unfortunately, there are far more people these days who'll require a Rosetta Stone for deciphering the last sentence as well as the author's cheeky attempt at humor with items from his personal collection in the photograph above. Those in that category and a band will probably benefit from the technological advancements of today's professional recording studio and professionals.

Most musical acts can't pull together the monies to reserve adequate time for a rehearsal space and even less for recording studio with a trained professional at the board who'll assess the right paths for them to take while honing their sound.

There has been a resurgence of studios popping up all over Broward County as of late, and while most places deal with postproduction and assorted supplementary work, there are a few out there offering space for young and established musicians to come and get that professional sound that'll set them apart. Here are six studios that have caught our eye for their relative newness and affordability for various stages of recording-ready outfits.

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Six Recording Studios to Check Out in Broward County
From AAMG's Facebook page.

6. AAMG Studios

Situated in Oakland Park, AAMG Studios offers the full range of services including graphics, video, mixing, mastering, printing, and CD/DVD duplication. It even boasts in-house songwriters for assistance with your projects. The 5/10 hour rates from the "online package" go between $150 and $250, which is not too bad for a band or artist on a budget. If you're looking to cut your hip-hop single or need that touch on your mixtape to stand out, these are the guys to see. Good for young heads who want to elevate but maintain that DIY, homemade flavor.

Six Recording Studios to Check Out in Broward County
From the studio's website.

5. Purgatory Recording Studio

Owner and operator Michael Waxman is an engineer with years of experience in South Florida's garage-band circuit, and whilePurgatory Recording Studios in Tamarac might sound like some gothic mess, he's probably the best bet for a young band with zero recording experience to work with, as his past will surely cast a patient guidance they will not find elsewhere. He's also the guy behind Wax Worx Cables, which are pretty choice. This is a good place for starters who want to experience the process with a solid guiding hand who knows both sides of the recording console.

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