Lost Identity


Take a look at these guys on their album cover. They look pretty confident. They appear to be hip dudes. It doesn¹t really seem they met in high school or college. I bet they met at a really cool job. Or maybe through a want ad in the back of Rag? Nope. The handy press release on my desk mentions they met when the four members ³were thrown together for a jam session in 2001.² Now, if you call your band Skidmark, you¹re asking for a fecal joke. You¹re asking for chuckles and guffaws and snickers and scoffs and ewwwwws. I guess they¹re hoping the five tracks on this CD will cause a spontaneous bowel movement? That it will send listeners scrambling to the bathroom, holding their pant leg, because that guitar solo on ³U Can¹t Change Me² just killed it? Damn it, this band is an enigma. It¹s causing me to think too... hard. Uh-oh. Excuse me. -- Audra Schroeder

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