Smashing Pumpkins Roundup: Passion Pit Cover, Iron Forge Press Poster

Tuesday night was a brief journey to the center of Billy Corgan's universe when Revolution hosted a jam-packed Smashing Pumpkins concert in Fort Lauderdale. Some of us can't get that beautiful bald head out of our minds, so here are two goodies for the day after the day after.

First, the buzztastic Passion Pit take on the Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight" for the Levi's Pioneer Sessions. The track is the latest in a series of semi-iconic covers performed by some of the premier indie (Dirty Projectors, She & Him) and urban (Nas, John Legend & the Roots) artists, as well as Colbie Caillat. This version sounds more like Fleetwood Mac than you'd think.

Download the free MP3 of "Tonight, Tonight" here.

Additionally, to our right is the Halloween-themed poster from Fort Lauderdale's finest poster shop, Iron Forge Press. More detail at the source

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