So Raw Organizers Are Back With Another Show This Friday, With More Free Beer

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Last month's So Raw Festival in Miami was one of the best recent celebrations of the city's burgeoning underground garagey rock and roll thing. (Click here for a slideshow of photos from the event, and here for a review). It was also one of the best deals in town: Admission every night, a paltry $10 or $18 for a weekend pass, came with all the free beer and vodka you can drink.

Well, the trick worked -- the events were packed, and fueled by good vibes, the organizers are back with another show this Friday, again at ISM Gallery in Wynwood. Admission this time around is $5, and that includes, yes, a free beer.

The lineup here features much of the same

cast of characters as the festival. Standouts Melted Sunglasses are

playing again, and another lineup highlight is Beings -- a sort of

supergroup featuring members of old Miami bands like Map of the

Universe, :nobuhjest:, and Cavity.

(Click here for an old Crossfade entry where you can snag a free Beings MP3.)

Danny Denim, usually a guitarist in Melted Sunglasses, is playing his first solo set at this show. And the headliners are out-of-towners Legendary Wings, a power-pop/garage act that hails from Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Friday, July 17. ISM Gallery, 167 NW 23rd St., Miami. Show starts at 9 p.m., admission costs $5.


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