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SoFla Does SXSW 2011: Locos Por Juana
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SoFla Does SXSW 2011: Locos Por Juana

This week, County Grind is taking a look at South Florida bands headed off to play official showcases at SXSW, which starts in Austin, Texas next Tuesday.

Nobody gets a Miami dance party going like

Locos Por Juana

, a longtime favorite on the Latin-alternative circuit. With a lineup at any given time of up to seven players (or more!), nearly all representing different countries of origin, LPJ's sound is appropriately a stylistic soup.

There's reggae, there's hip-hop, there's rock, there's salsa, there's funk, there's cumbia, there's even Colombian vallenato. Somehow, it all works, thanks to smart pop songs that also aren't afraid to wander into a little jam, depending on the chemistry of the crowd. No two Locos Por Juana shows are alike, and Austin won't know what hit it when the band plays Thursday, March 17 at Momo's and Friday, March 18 at Prague.

Check out this montage of live clips of the band below.

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