Somong makes neo-Seoul music.

It's not often that you encounter a soul singer who's as visually intriguing as Somong. Born of mixed Korean and black heritage, this Palm Beach County resident is making a name for himself with a style that's all urban pop (think Casely) yet with more of an ethnic twist. His biggest songs, "Do It" and "She Wanna Ride," are blowing up all over MySpace and just helped land him a spot on the Boost Mobile Tour that is crisscrossing America for the next eight months. His singing voice is still developing, but there's a lot of raw talent there that fans of club-style R&B should enjoy. He performs at Club Boca this weekend at the J. Holiday and Neyo afterparty, so if you're looking for a reason to step out, have a good time, and hear a soul singer with a lot to prove, check him out and support your local talent.

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