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Soul Food on the Half-Shell

Don't be misled by the moniker Hobex -- it is not the nom de musique of some laptop-techno-30,000-bpm DJ/electronica type. Rather, Hobex the band both sings and plays instruments to make live music, which, in the dark years before house music, people actually danced to. Formed from the ashes of North Carolina bands Dillon Fence and Johnny Quest, Hobex specializes in funky, sweet-hot, 1970s-era soul music, big polyester lapels, clunky footwear, and all -- War, Curtis Mayfield, the Fatback Band, and the right Rev. Al Green. Singer/guitarist Greg Humphreys took his lessons to heart, fully assimilating the essence of the masters, not merely "simulating" their styles. With Steve "The Doctor" Hill laying down plenty o' syncopated pulsation, Andy Ware's bass providing a funky bottom, and frequent horn-section assists from the orbits of Bio Ritmo and the Squirrel Nut Zippers (plus some splashes of rock 'n' roll, gospel, and acid jazz), Hobex embodies what real soul music/R&B is about: that "something" that touches the heart and takes the polish off your dancing shoes.

Hobex brings its soul train Saturday night, July 2, to the Orange Door, 798 10th St., Lake Park. Call 561-842-7949, or visit


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