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When she's not fronting the Boca Raton-based rock band Blonde Enuff, Cassandra Eubank is busy snagging interviews with megahot rockers like Matchbox 20 and Collective Soul when they pass through South Florida. The interviews are aired on her local music-video show, Home Grown Music. Eubank also hosts local battle-of-the-bands contests, which award winners with video shoots and time slots on the weekly half-hour program.

"The show started because I thought it would be a good idea to have a show that featured local bands' videos and promoted local music," Eubank says. "So I sent a tape to Fox, and they liked it. And the rest is history."

Eubank has effectively used what she's learned from the show to generate interest in her band. Along with John Scheefers (vocals, guitar), Ken Hagedorn (backing vocals, percussion), and Steve Baron (bass), Eubank has blanketed the media landscape with press releases, videos, CDs, and sticky rubber eyeballs to promote the band's debut CD, What 'Cha Lookin' At? The tight foursome is also playing gigs across Broward and Palm Beach counties to showcase their self-described "straight-on rock 'n' roll" sound.

"I think a lot of people are trying to return to rock, to where it's not so grunge anymore. That's what we did on this one," Eubank says of What 'Cha. The result is a radio-friendly collection of Lita Ford-influenced anthems anchored by Eubank's gritty, light-metal vocals.

Upcoming Events

The band will soon shoot a video for "Deeper," the second track on What 'Cha, and a CD release party will take place sometime in May. "We're not having three bands and a big Subway sub," Eubank jokes. "Its going to be huge. We've contacted everybody -- a magician, a caricature artist. We may be having free beer and hairstylists with blond dye, in case anybody doesn't feel blond enough."

There are plenty of ways to be blond: Eubank's Home Grown Music airs on WFLX-TV (Channel 29) Friday mornings at 1 a.m.; the band will perform at Dragon's Breath in Pompano Beach Friday and Saturday; its Web address is; and the CD is available at Peaches, Uncle Sam's, CD Collector, and Jenny Loves Lace.

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