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Before embarking on a European tour in early December, the five-piece Christian hardcore group Strongarm has a few more songs to belt out right here in South Florida. Promoting its most recent CD, The Advent of a Miracle, the Fort Lauderdale-based group will perform tonight (Thursday) as part of an all-ages concert that begins at 7 p.m. in the Prop Room at the Theater in Fort Lauderdale. Also on the bill, hardcore brethren Agnostic Front, Vision, and Grasspatch. In addition to Miracle, the band -- vocalist Chris Carbonell, guitarists Nick Dominguez and Josh Colbert, bassist Chad Neptune, and drummer Steve Kleisath -- has released a previous CD, Atonement, and two seven-inches (Trials and Division). When asked what separates his band from the other Christian hardcore acts, drummer Kleisath describes Strongarm's sound as "hardcore, but intricate and melodic hardcore.

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