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Named after a former band member's mangy cat that attacks dogs, Livid Kittens has adopted the ferocious feline's attitude and applied it to their gothic-punk sound. Already a staple at local rock venues such as Tavern 213, Squeeze, and the Theater, Livid Kittens are currently planning a tour of the Southeast while gearing up to release their third CD Undercool -- it follows Alone With Everybody and Fuzz Drenched and Dripping -- in January. The band's lineup includes guitarists Francis Cast and Vicente Garcia, bassist David Heikkinen, drummer Dan Carson, and vocalist Paige (just Paige, kind of like Charo and Cher). Two songs from Undercool ("Uma Hemi 'Cuda" and "Flying") are already in rotation at WKPX-FM (88.5). The Livid Kittens usually draw an eclectic crowd, so don't be surprised to see skateboard punks and kamikaze surfers rubbing elbows with college kids and middle-aged rockers at Abaco's on Wednesday.

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