Sound Tribe Sector 9

Sound Tribe Sector 9: Alert the media!
C. Taylor Crothers

Did somebody say "jam band"? But wait, there's no hackey sack, no tie-dye, and what's with all those laptops (like four of 'em) onstage? If you haven't figured it out by now, Sound Tribe Sector 9 is not your average jam band. Sure, the guys noodle on guitars, but the five-piece is more spacy than crunchy, and when it drops acid, it's in its synth squelches (à la the Roland TB303) and not in a tab of LSD. Originally from Atlanta, they relocated to Northern California, putting out their first album as Sector 9 in 1999. Although they have a sturdy drum 'n' bass background, their last album, Artifact, had them venturing out, finding some neo-electro and techno friends in Richard Divine and Bassnectar. The mostly instrumental opus Peaceblaster is their first release on their new 1320 imprint.

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