South Flocal Soundcheck to Showcase Rockers at Culture Room

Originally, the now-extinct 93 Rock, which had a mean "alternative hard rock" edge, was sponsoring this event. When I tuned in to their broadcast, all I heard was really, really bad Christmas music. So admittedly, I was the last to know that Cox Radio (93's daddy) pulled the plug on the slumbering station this past November 20 in anticipation of a (gasp!) format change. What message does this send to the local bands that are soldiering through this event? Not a good one, I think.

As a longtime supporter of local musicians, I see this as a great showcase to existing and potential fans, but I feel a little miffed by the "fuck you" attitude the station is nonverbally giving these people. Not only did they opt for a stagnant format but they shunned local and national musical acts that could've very well lifted them above the airwaves when they were in business.

That said, fans of mid-'90s alternative rock will appreciate the efforts from featured acts illStruck, Marvlec, Day Minus 7, First October, City of Treason, and Kamantra while radio listeners suffer the cheery cheekiness of holiday jangles. There's a lesson to be learned here somewhere, I'm sure.


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