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South Florida's Ten Best Cocktails

It might be that cocktails are easy to come by. Or it might be that South Florida is difficult terrain to safely navigate while sober. But it's probably just that we fucking love to drink. Because we all love to drink, and because there are so many venues in which to do it, the despots heading up New Times decided we ought to make things easy for our readers.

So we compiled a list of ten good cocktails, some with secret and complicated recipes, some simple and straightforward, all tasty and drunk-inducing. If you derive any pleasure whatsoever from Night Watch, our regularly appearing nightlife column, you should read this now. Consider it your guide to South Florida cocktail-culture.

Here is your handy link to "South Florida's Best Cocktails: We Travel Between Beaches and Barstools to Find the Best of What's Shaken and Stirred."

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