Spaceghostpurrp and Robb Bank$ Partner on "Like That"

Spaceghostpurrp and Robb Bank$ Partner on "Like That"

Interview with Robb Bank$
Robb Bank$, Best Hip-Hop Artist, New Times Broward Palm Beach
Spaceghostpurrp interview on Miami New Times

Robb Bank$ may be barely out of boyhood, but he has the deep and alluring voice of a man. It sucks the listener in on his new track "Like That," a collaboration with fellow South Floridian Spaceghostpurrp who both produced and is featured on the song. Bank$' clean flow grounds SGP's hauntingly spooky beats. With their rhymes, both play with the verbal tempo, creating a many layered, greatly listenable song.

This isn't the first time they've worked together. Remember "Look Like Basquiat"? It was good, but this is better.

Off of Bank$ upcoming Year of the Savage, "Like That" was uploaded to YouTube on Friday and already it has more than 12,000 views. Not bad for a guy just out of high school. Sure, yeah, he's partnered with the head of the Raider Klan, one of the most deliciously rough yet conceptual crews in hip-hop today, but still, we're proud of our Broward boy. Listen to "Like That" here.

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