If you really know Squarepusher, you're likely either (a) locked away in the loony bin or (b) in the middle of the drug binge that's going to land you there. Do You Know Squarepusher is a mind-bending mélange of drum 'n' bass, jungle, and psychedelia that outfreaks any previously recorded voyage into inner space.

The title track is an almost-funky head bobber that traces the poison into your system until the "F-train" hits your cerebellum like an anvil. Suddenly the mirror gives off distorted images as a rapped stream of 50-cent words and deep Jack Handy thoughts lurks beneath jagged beats and ephemeral noise. As you disappear down the rabbit hole, the sounds get stranger and stranger -- daring you to dance to 250 beats-per-minute bursts and laptop chicanery. But, hey, this ain't no k-hole. You can dance to it -- sure you can! Four hundred bpms? You can keep up! They don't call it "better living through chemistry" for nothing. Let the good times roll!

That is, until "Mutilation Colony" tunes in and makes you drop out. The earth's rotation begins slowing down. You hear organs and harpsichords. Did you take too many party favors? What's that you hear? A note-for-note cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart"? You better get to detox before you in pop disc two. No need to go there.

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