Steve Kimock at Culture Room on May 27

Nimble-fingered guitarist Steve Kimock is one of those itinerant musicians who may or may not form a "band" around himself, but never really needs one. Born in 1955, he was just a touch too young to capture the earliest days of the hippie and jam band scene, but by the mid-'70s, still managed to embroil himself in the San Francisco-area folk and rock scene. He quickly found a niche leading improv-heavy acts with loose genre constraints and looser lineups. That means that over the years, Kimock has played in a number of acts loosely connected to the Grateful Dead universe, including Phil Lesh and friends and Rat Dog. Beginning in the aughts, he started to heavily focus more on his own namesake bands, first with the simply named Steve Kimock Band and more recently with Steve Kimock Crazy Engine. This time, he remains the star of the show but comes accompanied onstage by Bernie Worrell, Wally Ingram, and Andy Hess.


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