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Ready for some proselytizing? Stonefox is one of the current saviors of South Florida rock. That's a lot to heap on a trio of guys in their early 20s, but this Boca- and Lauderdale-based band has clearly digested the gospel of rollicking, psychedelic, bluesy, rock 'n' fucking roll. Lots of bands claim Led Zeppelin as an influence; Stonefox sounds as though it's channeled Led Zeppelin in a seance and become clearly possessed. But the guys also have the rest of music history on their side. The band's wall-rattling sound is infused with the fuck-it-all attitude of proto-punk, and frontman Jordan could probably hold his own in a snarling contest with Iggy Pop and the MC5's Wayne Kramer. Really. Effusive praise, maybe, but it's well-deserved. The band is currently finishing work on its self-released debut album, Back on the Wire. And when that comes out, you will testify.

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