Stream: '70s Funk Aces Ray & His Court's "Cookie Crumbs" and "Soul Freedom"

Stream: '70s Funk Aces Ray & His Court's "Cookie Crumbs" and "Soul Freedom"

I am often guilty of sticking to punk rock and hardcore acts in my Blast From the Past column, so this is a refreshing change. Today, this isn't a full BFTP but a warmup with a couple of YouTube tracks from one of South Florida's most criminally unknown disco/Latin/funk acts from the '70s, Ray & His Court.

There's plenty of good Afro-Cuban jazz percussion in this band's work, but the best part of them is how juicily they translated the obvious influences of Santana and Earth, Wind & Fire and turned them into something positively tropical and Floridian. I'll eventually visit their recorded work via the BFTP column, but in the meantime, you can pick up a vinyl copy of this gem here. Enjoy a pair of vids after the jump.

Ray & His Court - "Cookie Crumbs"

Ray & His Court - "Soul Freedom"

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