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Subtropical Homesick Blues

OK, so his singing may leave a bit to be desired, but Bob Dylan's impact on music history is utterly immeasurable. And besides, this happens to be a great time to see the man. After two decades spent wandering hopelessly through the 1980s and most of the 1990s with such dismal efforts as Shot of Love, Under the Red Sky, and the oft-overrated Empire Burlesque, Dylan is back in form. It's hard to say what exactly happened to snap Mr. Zimmerman out of his funk, but 1997's Time Out of Mind reestablished his relevance, and Love and Theft, the 2001 release for which Dylan is currently touring, is his best effort since the 1975 classic Blood on the Tracks. Rolling Stone magazine says it's the best album of 2001, and the tired, industry-dictated rag is nevertheless probably right.

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