Summer Blizzard of Oz

For all his shuffling about on MTV's ridiculously successful voyeuristic hit The Osbournes and for all his mumbled stammers of "What the... why does... I don't... Shaaaaron!," Ozzy Osbourne exhibits few traces of these frailties on-stage. Sure, he doesn't leap about like he did in the salad days of Sabbath, but he at least strings more than two words together at a time. And his OzzFest has turned into the hirsute hit of the summer festival circuit for several years running, with this year's lineup including System of a Down, Rob Zombie, Pod, Drowning Pool, Adema, and Black Label Society on the main stage, plus Down, Hatebreed, Meshuggah, Pulse Ultra, Neurotica, the Apex Theory, Lost Prophets, Andrew W.K., Soil, Flaw, 3rd Strike, Ill NiƱo, Otep, Chevelle, Seether, Mushroomhead, Glassjaw, the Used, and Switched on the second and third stages.

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