Surfer Blood on West Palm Beach: "Good Place to Raise Kids, Lots of Sidewalk"

West Palm Beach's Surfer Blood has always done its part to represent what's really going on in South Florida -- good and bad. In the November issue of NYLON (courtesy of Freegums' Jen Stark), the guys are consulted for a mixtape of Florida bands worth hearing, and among them are a selection of County Grind favorites including the Dewars, the Jameses, Torche, Love Handles, the Band in Heaven, and Ghost Arm. Miami's Jacuzzi Boys also get a chance to detail the best "dive" bars in their home city, and a bunch of other bands that probably should have gotten invited to play in the Miami Music Festival get some national shine.

Bonus: Watch as the guys give a shout to imprisoned City Commissioner Tony Masilotti and reminisce about the days of nonpotable water.

Catch the guys at at least two Halloween shows this weekend. Including:

Halloween Street Scene & Soul Parade, with Surfer Blood, B-Liminal,

the Resolvers, the Spam All-Stars, the Jacob Jeffries Band, the People

Upstairs, Franscene, Ladies & Gentlemen, Roots Shakedown, Shawna

Sweeney, Illumination, and Ric Pattison. Noon Saturday, October 30, at

Lake Avenue between Dixie and Federal highways, Lake Worth. Admission is

free. VIP tickets cost $25. Call 561-951-4915, or click here.

Moonfest 2010, with A Place to Bury Strangers, Weird Wives, the Freakin

Hott, the Band in Heaven, A Hunter's Pace, Woodmen Hall, Bladesong, June

Bug & the Reborn Highway, the Clementines, and Under Every Green

Tree 7 p.m. Saturday, October 30, in the 500 block of Clematis Street,

West Palm Beach. Admission is free. VIP tickets cost $30 in advance, $40

at the door. Call 561-832-9999, or click here.

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