Surfer Blood to Make Triumphant Return to Respectable Street

We can't go one week without singing the praises of West Palm Beach quintet Surfer Blood. After all, local kids bursting onto the national scene with write-ups in Rolling Stone, Spin, and Pitchfork in less than 11 months of existence doesn't happen all too often. So why not relish in a little local pride? See what all the fuss is about Tuesday when this lauded college-radio staple returns to its original stomping grounds: Respectable Street.

Surfer Blood's tour mates, Nashville's Turbo Fruits, are also a treat. The trio shares the Buzzcocks' knack for marrying punk slosh with sugary pop hooks. Add West Palm Beach duo the Dewars, a local duo that radiates a skuzzy Kinks' vibe — not a bad template for a band that could follow in Surfer Blood's heavily hyped footsteps. Assuredly, attendees will leave with their fingers firmly planted on the pulse of local indie music, both emerging and fully emerged.


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