Swamp Valve is Awesome

I was just listening to 2008's good luck with twisted space from Swamp Valve, a.k.a. Jorge Rubiera (Down Home Southernaires), and just really enjoying the explosive high octane energy and down-right Marc Bolan-eque coolness of it.  The music is sticky good straight ahead rock. You can download it for free over on the Swamp Valve website. Supposedly there is another album in the works for this summer, but I haven't seen any news of it recently. Right now Rubiera is helping out on the ANR tour, most likely to fill it as in addition to being a fabulous musician, band member and solo artist he is a damn fine film maker as well. You can check out some of his stuff at meniscusthemovie.com or babyheadpro.com. Do you freaking job and listen to this immediately.


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