Taking Back Sunday at Revolution Live on November 7

Doesn't it suck when emo postpunk nostalgia slaps you in the face and reminds you that (a) you're getting old and (b) you have accomplished only about 12 percent of what you said you would by now? After reuniting on last year's self-titled record, original members of Taking Back Sunday are on a tour commemorating the tenth anniversary of Tell All Your Friends, a record wildly popular not only among the angsty-teen demographic but across the board, really. "The record is just so important to us," TBS bassist Shaun Cooper recently told the Columbian. "We wouldn't be here without it. We can't believe that ten years ago, we put out this record." Neither can we. "Cute Without the E" was our ring-back tone until last week, when we switched cell-phone carriers. And a shoddy bootleg live recording of an old Taking Back Sunday concert was the last file we downloaded on LimeWire. Seriously, where'd the past decade go?


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