Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach Concerts in 2016

Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach Concerts in 2016EXPAND
Alex Markow

With 2016 almost in the books, we've been wanting to look back nostalgically at the twelve months that just passed. The past year saw legends headline arenas, local bands stretch out their wings, and lots and lots of spring breakers congregating for a festival. With 2017 lurking around the corner, we're digging into our recent archives to reminisce on the ten best concerts Broward and Palm Beach saw in 2016.

Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach Concerts in 2016
Rebekkah Drake

Silversun Pickups at Culture Room January 8
What we said: "
First coming to fame in 2005, Silversun Pickups brought an American angst edge to British shoegazing influences like My Bloody Valentine. On this night, they replicated their recorded work in a live setting so convincingly that it kept possibly one of the more polite crowds in human history locked in place. By the time they finished their main set with 'Lazy Eye,' the best Smashing Pumpkins song Billy Corgan never wrote, there was finally some jumping and hair flailing in the crowd." David Rolland

Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach Concerts in 2016
Michele Eve Sandberg

Garth Brooks at BB&T Center January 14
What we said: "The expression on Brooks’ face said it all: He missed touring. Much like a child on Christmas (albeit, a very large child that is much too caffeinated), there was nothing but pure energy and joy in his face. After a couple more singles, like "Two Piña Coladas,” “Papa Loved Mama,” and “Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up),” Brooks' happiness played out onstage during his various sprints, playful smacking of the cymbals, and climbing on the drummer’s plastic cage." Natalya Jones

Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach Concerts in 2016
Marta Xochilt Perez

Bruce Springsteen at BB&T Center February 16
What we said: "All these years later, Bruce Springsteen is still singing these songs about pain and longing. And there’s an arena full of so-called adults singing along. The man next to me who looks like a middle-school science teacher has tears streaming down his cheek during 'Wrecking Ball.'" Ryan Pfeffer

Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach Concerts in 2016
Alex Markow

Okeechobee Music Festival at Sunshine Grove March 4-6
What we said: "It may be Okeechobee's first go-around, but the level of experience and passion behind its conception and launch definitely shows. As we take in five stages of music and palpable feel-good vibes in the air, it already feels like an established fest, making us more than confident Sunday will blow our minds and leave us waiting for what's to come next year." Falyn Freyman

Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach Concerts in 2016
Tim Kohan

Earth Wind & Fire and Chicago at Perfect Vodka Amphitheater March 25
What we said: "Racism, hatred, and fear might still exist on this planet, but there was no trace of that Friday night. Earth, Wind & Fire and Chicago’s messages of love and acceptance resonated with the crowd — which begs the question: Can horns really bring people together? The answer: Always." Olivia Feldman

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