Ten Best Instances of the Go-Go's in Movies and TV

Ten Best Instances of the Go-Go's in Movies and TV

For decades there have been threats and allegations of a movie about the Go-Go's, the Southern California, early '80s all female, New Wave band. There are all the elements of an interesting movie: photogenic underdogs beating the odds to become superstars, lots of sex, drugs, and of course great rock and roll. A couple years ago Gwyneth Paltrow was attached to produce a flick, but that fell through, and it probably didn't help that a movie about another all girl group, the Runaways, didn't pack the fannies in the theaters.

But fans of the Go-Go's need not settle for merely seeing them this Sunday at Hard Rock Live, there are plenty of instances where you can hear their sunny infectious beats from the comfort of your own screen. Here are the ten top instances where the Go-Gos were represented on film and TV.

10. What We Do Is Secret

Before Belinda Carlisle formed the Go-Go's she was almost a member of LA punk legends the Germs. Mononucleosis felled her before she could take the stage under the alias Dottie Danger. In this 2007 bio-pic of Germs dead front man Darby Crash, Carlisle is played by actress Lauren German for a few scenes.

9. Head Over Heels

I'm by no means endorsing this terrible 2001 Freddy Prinze Jr. romantic comedy from the director of Mean Girls, but it is the only movie that seemed to be named after a Go-Go's song, that of course being "Head over Heels."

8. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Guitarist and singer Jane Wiedlin took advantage of the band's break-up to act in several classic '80s movies. She had one line in Star Trek 4, was a singing telegram girl in Clue and most notably was Joan of Arc in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure where she invents punk rock aerobics.

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