Ten Black Friday Shopping Songs for the Price of Five!

The day we dread is here, Black Friday. What used to be a day of lazing around eating leftover stuffing and turkey sandwiches is now a day of shop-'til-you-drop anxiety. Whether you're already camped outside of Best Buy, gearing up for a Pamplona-esque stampede at Walmart or comfortably perusing your local record haunt; you're going to need some jams to pump you up.

We've compiled a list of five songs guaranteed to get your shopping mojo working -- but, wait, there's more! We decided to sweeten the deal with five more songs to save money while spending your money on those fantastic deals! Make sure your headphones are blasting these tunes super loud as you fight the moms in Toys R Us for the last motherfucking You & Me doll, it will give you strength.

10. Andrew W.K. - "We're Not Going to Bed"

There is no room for sleep if you want to win this shopping contest. Play this song as you down your turkey leg and casserole, then run straight to the mall.

9. Chickenhead - "Smash Grab"

Smash and Grab

When the lines at Gamespot seem too long, grab Modern Warfare 3 and just take it. If anyone stops you, tell them this song told you to. Also, tell the cops as they arrest you. They may not understand.

8. AC/DC - "Back in Black"

If you gotta cut in line, channel Brian Johnson channeling Bon Scott and tell those poor saps, "don't try to push your luck, just get out of my way!"

7. Wu Tang Clan - "C.R.E.A.M."

If you found yourself wondering how you ended up at Target at 3 a.m., let Raekwon and Meth remind you that "Cash Rules Everything Around [You]."

6. Atom & His Package - "Shopping Spree"

New-wave-pop-punker Atom has the right attitude here! You're not just shopping on Black Friday! No! It's a shopping spree!

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