Ten Fútbol Songs to Get You Pumped for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Ten Fútbol Songs to Get You Pumped for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Soccer or, rather, football is the greatest sport in the world. Those who know me know that the beautiful game is all that plagues my mind. I am an avid follower of numerous leagues and players across the world. And thanks to the internet, I am able to watch my favorite pastime year-round. The World Cup happens every four years, and it's long been my custom to spend the month of its duration in a semicomatose alcoholic blissful state of hooliganism and camaraderie with my ne'er-do-well pals.

FIFA used to be a glorious institution that managed, with some discretion, to police itself and stay out of the limelight of scandal. That hasn't been the case recently, with allegations of bribery concerning Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid. And if that weren't enough, I have always found their misuse of music by commissioning and selecting "World Cup" songs to be a crime against nature.

I'm sorry, but when I'm full on the pist, screaming my head off, praying to all known deities that my team wins, and wanting to set the bleachers and perhaps some opposing fans on fire, the last thing I want is some fucking half-assed Ricky Martin or Shakira tune piping in through the sound system.

Hell no.

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These ten songs are not about the Cup but are about the sport and as such were written by lovers of the game.

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10. The Business - "Maradona"

These South London heavy-hitters struck gold with their track "England 5 - Germany 1" back in 2001, but it is this ode to Argentine phenom Maradona and his miraculous header against the U.K. in Mexico '86 that really gets it.

"The Hand of God" was one hotly disputed moment in Cup history, and it left many children of the Empire butt-hurt for decades. Now, Maradona went ahead and became a joke off the pitch with his socialist leanings and getting all buddy-buddy with the Castro brothers and Hugo Chávez. His penchant for cocaine and saying dumb shit is almost as legendary as his prowess on the pitch.

9. Attaque 77 - "Sola en la Cancha (Pasion de Multitudes)"

This love song to the best girlfriend in the world is also an open letter to Argentine footie powerhouse Boca Juniors by Attaque 77 on their 1989 album Dulce Navidad. Local outfit the Getback famously covered this song and changed the object of desire to the other heavy-hitter of Argentine footie, River Plate. While nothing escalated to the degree of the Soccer War of 1969, threats were made by parties unknown.

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