Ten Guys Who Make Their Guitars Talk

Ten Guys Who Make Their Guitars Talk

"How does he make that guitar talk?" listeners often wonder when they hear Peter Frampton noodle around.

It's not the drugs or drink you imbibed that's making you think his guitar is vocalizing. Rather, it's an intended effect achieved through technology. The English rock legend uses an effects unit called a talk box, which allows him to control the modification of the guitar's sound by changing the shape of his mouth.

As Peter Frampton makes his way to Hard Rock Live this Sunday night, let's celebrate ten other practitioners of the talk box.

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10. Alvino Rey

Bandleader Alvino Rey was the first known user of a talk box. All the way back in 1939 Rey utilized a carbon throat microphone on his wife Luise King who mouthed the words while a bizarre guitar puppet received all the credit in this black and white short.

9. Jeff Beck

The one time Yardbird has always been a guitar experimentalist and never more so than on this cover of The Beatles' "She's a Woman."

8. Pete Drake

The Nashville steel guitar legend could never figure out how to get his talk box loud enough to be used outside a studio for live performances, but those records were magical. His live performances, not so much as evidenced by this awkward rendition of "Forever."

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