Ten Instruments Eddie Vedder Should Play Besides the Ukulele

You probably know Eddie Vedder for things like singing and playing guitar in Pearl Jam, stagediving, feuding with Kurt Cobain, feuding with Ticketmaster, and campaigning for Democrats.

What you might not know about the '90s rock icon is that he is a bonafide ukelele enthusiast. And in a little over a week, he's bringing some of that Parrothead flavor to South Florida when he performs at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

Alright, Vedder's ukelele isn't especially Jimmy Buffet-esque. It's more akin to the uke rock fusion of Hawaiian shred sensation Jake Shimabukuro, who the grungeman cites as a major inspiration for why he first picked up the teeny-tiny, adorable guitar.

Personally, we couldn't be more pleased with Eddie's decision to stare death in the face and take a plunge down the ukelele wormhole. Here are ten more whimsical instruments we think he should consider playing.

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10. Kazoo

These days the kids are crazy about their favorite bands playing classic albums from start to finish. And hyper-commemorative reissues of records you can still find for, like, a dollar at Goodwill. We think Eddie Vedder should convince Pearl Jam to become a kazoo-based ensemble and re-record their landmark debut album and grunge milestone Ten with kazoos.

9. Vocoder

Yeah, everybody loves that song "Jeremy." But imagine how much more they would love it if Vedder's signature gurgle had a bit more T-Pain in the mix. And, hey, Neil Young embraced robo-sensual Auto Tune on Trans. Doesn't Pearl Jam hang out with that guy?

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