Ten Most WTF Kanye West Lyrics of All Time

Ten Most WTF Kanye West Lyrics of All Time
Sayre Berman

There is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to Kanye West's hefty list of music accolades.

It takes about 13 scrolls to get through and highlights the rapper's 112 wins and 374 nominations at a host of award shows -- the Grammys, BET Hip-Hop, BMI Urban, and MTV Video Music awards, to name a few.

But nowhere among "Top Urban Song" and "Best Collaboration" ('Ye actually snagged an MTV Video Music Award for that unpleasant, alien-sex-glorifying collab with Katy Perry on "E.T.") is Kanye's other honor recognized: the WTF Lyric Award.

Yeezy is often praised for compelling lyricism on heralded albums like The College Dropout and Graduation, but the high-art, Kardashian-lovin' couture slinger has dropped some nonsensical lines that are truly harebrained (with plenty off his latest, Yeezus).

West has compared himself to Hitler, and he claims to be the Michael Jordan of music. Come on. He's got to be a little screwy.

Even though we love him, here are the ten most ridiculous Kanye West lyrics:

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10. "We on a galaxy that haters cannot visit/That's my reality so get off my Scott Disick." -- "The One"

I know 'Ye, you wanted to endow Scott with a smidgen of swag, but there's no saving him. As if the world hasn't worshipped the Kardashian tribe enough, we don't need the family's reckless rich boy feeling any more self-important about his schlong. Oh wait, and Disick is the star of the latest Yeezus trailer.

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