Ten Musical Things You Can Do to Improve Your South Florida Summer

Ten Musical Things You Can Do to Improve Your South Florida Summer
Monica McGivern

You can spend your summer months tripping balls while the A/C unit in your mom's trailer blasts wet-smelling, cold air at your melting face, or you can find something kind of cool to do with your time. Just because it feels like you're living in Lucifer's clammy crotch from May to October doesn't mean there's nothing musical you can create or enjoy while sweating a ton.

Because we want you to be productive and help the scene thrive, even when it's in great need of hydration, we've put together ten good-enough ideas related to music that you can do during the never-ending days of swamp ass and heat stroke.

10. Learn to play an instrument and then start a band.

You see the order we put that in? Instrument first, band second? Sure you can make a band and learn to play after, and we respect that sense of overdeveloped self-confidence. We really do.

But the summer is long, it's 90 million degrees, and what the hell else are ya doing? Why not take a guitar lesson or two first? Maybe learn how to read music. Sounds nuts, we know. Use this time to become musically responsible and help build a group with some skills and not just stage presence.

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9. Host a hipster or hippie pool party.

We don't give a hoot what kind of shitty tunes you're blaring poolside, but you do need to play something when getting crispy and damp in your backyard. Your friends will appreciate your fine discretion in crafting a flawless playlist. Just make sure you include refreshments of the intoxicating sort. And towels.

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