Ten Name Suggestions for Kim and Kanye's Superballin' Baby

Say what you will about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as potential parents: We're positive their baby is going to turn out nothing short of superballin'.

But first things first: These modest lovebirds need a title for the joint masterpiece of their respective careers.

And they probably shouldn't name it "North" like some e-tabloids have been reporting is a possibility.

We can think of at least ten better names for the human being wrought from the loins of these attention hogs (and that in no way refers to Kim's natural pregnancy weight gain, only her personality).

10. Kimye West
This is the most logical, obvious, and likely option -- next to North, of course. You could never name a child Brangelina. But Kimye sounds legit.

9. Anything West
We must assign blame where necessary: This suggestion belongs to Perez Hilton. We love the name for its cadence. Anything West: It really rolls off the muscular hydrostat.

8. Green Aloe West
Imagine Jay, Bey, Kim, and 'Ye getting together for a cookout. While Hova and West argue about how long to smoke the ribs, Queen B and the most notorious Kardashian turned newly minted Mama talk about recent handbag purchases. And Blue Ivy Carter will be scampering alongside little bebe Green Aloe West in a sandbox filled with gold shavings.

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