Ten Reasons Why the Go-Go's Are Better Than the Bangles

Ten Reasons Why the Go-Go's Are Better Than the Bangles

It's been 30 years since the release of the Go-Go's debut album, Beauty and the Beat, and in celebration, the girls are heading back out onto the road. Labeled the "Ladies Gone Wild Tour" and knowing their history of raunchy backstage behavior, we're expecting debauchery.

For years, there has been an ongoing debate about who does it better, the Go-Go's or the Bangles? Well, in celebration of their upcoming tour, which includes a show at Hollywood's Hard Rock Live on August 7, we're siding with the Go-Go's.

View our reasons why the Go-Go's are better than the Bangles after the jump.

1. Belinda Carlisle was Playboy's cover girl in August 2001. Say all you want about Susanna Hoffs being the hotter frontwoman, but let's be honest guys: In "Walk Like an Egyptian," sultry eyes aside, she is way too skinny.

2. Jane Wiedlin has had various cameos in classic movies such Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures and Clue.

3. A young Rob Lowe was in their video for "Turn to You." Who doesn't love Rob Lowe circa early 1980s, fresh off the set of The Outsiders?

4. For a short period of time, Belinda Carlisle played the drums in L.A. punk band the Germs under the alias "Dottie Danger."

5. Jane Wiedlin is an ordained minister by the name "Reverend Sister Go-Go" and is available for weddings. I wonder what kind of vows she writes for the happy couples. Are they all made up of Go-Go's lyrics? What does she wear?

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