Ten Weirdest Cat Music Moments of All Time Inspired by Danzig

Ten Weirdest Cat Music Moments of All Time Inspired by Danzig
The picture that might have broken the internet.

In 2010, Glenn Danzig bought a box of Fresh Step kitty litter and someone caught it on camera. Subsequently, and rightfully, the internet exploded. If it'd been George Michael carrying a box of kitty litter and, just for fun, let's throw in some tampons, five bloggers would have commented, but this is Glenn Fucking Danzig formerly of the motherfucking Misfits. So everyone wrote about it. This is probably my third or fourth blog on the topic. Maybe even twentieth mention in a blog. Honestly.

This had to be the weirdest moment in musical cat history. It has inspired, here, a list of the most bizarre putty gone sonic or musicians gone kitties of all time.

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10. Keyboard Cat

Keyboard cat defines the age of cats on the internet and cats in music. He mesmerizes, he amuses, and he really works those keys!

9. Sonic Youth - "Kool Thing"

Two things internet music nerds love: Kim Gordon and cats.

8. Girl Talk's Collective Soul Cat

Collective Soul cat is an easy laugh. This also happens to be the pet of mashup maestro Girl Talk. We actually asked him why he chose this song in particular. He gave us the full scoop:

It wasn't like I could pick any song. I just thought that part in that song was pretty distinctive. Actually just sampled the vocal part of that song on my last record. I like the song, but I also think it can be kind of comical -- it's such a distinctive thing. The meow doesn't sound exactly like the "yeah," but it's just a very punctual vocal thing. I just thought to me it was funny, the fact that the cat's meow fit in there perfectly.

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