The 5 Stages of Daniel Tosh Fandom: From Lover to Hater

Daniel Tosh is an interesting fellow. Since announcing yesterday that he will be performing at the Kravis Center in June, its stirred up some conversation. It seems everyone has an opinion on him, and most aren't very good. But regardless, we can't seem to simply flip past the Comedy Central internet collage that is Tosh.0 when power-scrolling through the ever-expanding cable universe.

So today, screw the Video Breakdown. Instead, we're going to uncover just what it is exactly that sets us under his skinny, self-deprecating, somewhat attractive spell. We also want to explore what it is that makes us fall so very out of love with Daniel Tosh. Accept this information as a warning to bored high school kids and susceptible sorority girls.   

Here are the five stages of Daniel Tosh fandom.

5.  Who is this guy and why is this show so awesome?
Dan, wait can I call you Dan? OK, great.  

Dan, when I first saw your show, it was like the first time I heard "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang; inappropriate, mesmerizing, and I instantly wanted to share it with my friends. You appeared on my TV out of nowhere while I was minding my own business, elegantly devouring a plate of nachos. What was this pleasure before my eyes? Were you Joel McHale's evil stepbrother? It was like you did the internet for me; all of the funny with less of the time suck. I don't know where you got that sweater vest, but I just knew I want more. Basically, I just wanted to meet up for a drink. 

4.  He's kind of cute and funny and likes Twitter, so we should probably mate... I mean date
Well Dan, something happened after that first show. I like you now. Don't make a big deal about it but obsessively reading your tweets is making me funnier and Tosh.0 worked its way into my weekly schedule, and of course, my heart. Wait, are those sick kicks for the ladies? You really shouldn't have. I feel like we've connected. Now how about we move this party to a quiet place so you can surprise trust fall all over my face.

3.  Woah bro. Were you just mean to my friend? Uncool.
I thought you were funny, but now I think I got that confused with being mean. It's probably my bad. Some of my friends warned me early on, but I didn't want to believe them because your face is cute. But then you responded to a heckler at the Laugh Factory with "Wouldn't it be funny if that girl got raped by, like five guys right now?" Listen, I like a good rape joke as much as the next lady, as long as the audience is right. You can be funny without being offensive.  I do it all the time like when I'm at the library or my parents are in the room. 

You're officially on timeout.

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