The Acoustic Music Showcase

Local poet and idiot savant Renda Writer is well-known for his dedication to "the scene." He throws open-mic nights, poetry slams, and artist showcases all over Broward and Palm Beach counties in an effort to keep "the scene" alive, however you interpret that. For the most part, it's simply his effort to make sure that talented local writers and exciters, who exist underground, have a way to make a living or at least to get their art form noticed by the masses. He's the king of shameless promotion — only it's not for himself but for the betterment of "the scene," of course. If you want to check out one of his events, this Saturday, he's throwing the Acoustic Music Showcase at a new haunt in Delray Beach. Featured performers include Shauna Sweeny, Steve Minotti, Andrew Bayuk, and Kristin Cappiello — all of whom are local singer/songwriters with loads of talent and a need to be heard. If you're an artist who hopes "the scene" supports you or if you just like your music fresh and original, then do your part and check it out. As Writer always puts it, "If you don't support the scene, there will be no scene to support." This event is totally acoustic and totally free.

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