The Cutthroats 9

With his trusty vintage Telecaster, Chris Spencer has been pummeling eardrums for more than a decade with his evil brand of bluesy, abrasive rock. For the first part of the '90s, his original outfit, Unsane, was the darling of the New York City noise-rock scene. After a nasty car wreck during a European tour that sliced and diced Spencer badly enough that he modeled for one of Unsane's infamously gory album covers, Spencer decided to start from scratch and founded the Cutthroats 9. The 9's current disc, Anger Management, catches Spencer at the top of his game with grooves John Bonham would gladly claim and enough guitar hell to incinerate that poseur Rob Zombie if he ever dared give it a listen. As Spencer hasn't played a headline gig down here since 1992, here's a rare chance to get your mind blown by NYC's meanest.

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