The Deep End

The Miami Club scene has long stood as the premier hotbed of nightlife in the Southeast. Hell, it's one of the hottest anywhere in the United States. With notorious dance destinations like Space and Crobar spawning a culture of plastic sex appeal and marathon parties, it's a wonder that same atmosphere hasn't yet taken off in the FTL. However, along the saline-studded streets of swanky Las Olas Boulevard sits an implant of a different ilk — Karma Lounge. The club might be 30 miles north of the Bay, but Karma boasts some of the truest "Miami-style" nightlife this side of South Beach. And it's all coming to fruition at a house night affectionately dubbed @Home.

The Thursday-night party is all "Models and Bottles," with the hottest females and most distinguished triple-distilled spirits you'll find outside of Diddy's VIP section. The music is imported as well; Club Space vet B-Side heads a crew of Miami-based DJs that lays out the house tracks, spinning breaks, hip-hop, Latin infusions, and (yep) even disco. And since it's Ladies Night, eager chicas can imbibe what the natives call "2-4-1s" all night long. So the real South Beach scene is, well, in South Beach. But Karma may have a little piece of it right here @Home. @HOME House Nights begin at 10 p.m. every Thursday at Karma Lounge, 4 W. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Admission is free. Call 954-523-7159, or visit

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