The Deep End

For two years now, South Florida's indie, alternative, and experimental scene has known about a Wednesday night party that's every bit as bumpin' as Friday night fare — even if it's Off the Radar. Conceptualized as a mid-week recharger by DJs R. Milian and Danny Ashe, Off the Radar delivers cutting-edge underground music via the wares of the aforementioned duo, as well as a revolving door of guest spinners — Plastik Fantastik/Sweat Records' Lolo, Dakota Brody, Edgar Rojas, and loads more.

Originally holding down the fort at the Marlin on South Beach, Off the Radar settled into the very happening interiors of Amendment XXI Lounge (formerly 190/GG's) in the Design District. Decorated in a gaudy throwback manner that will appeal to the trés chic, the lounge is as comfortable as it is cool. In addition to the stylish (and comfy) couches peppered throughout (you gotta take a break from dancing some time), there's a very large mirror with the XXI Amendment etched into it. (That's the one that repealed prohibition, in case you slept through poli-sci class.) Best of all, there's no cover charge, and there's usually a $3 Miller Lite and $5 Ketel One special. And though the music is there to get down to, it's piped in at a comfortable level, so you can actually hold a conversation without spraying spittle into somebody's ear. Yeah, Hump Night is good. Off the Radar takes place every Wednesday at Amendment XXI Lounge, 190 NE 46 St., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m. Call 305-571-7200.

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