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The Deep End

Long-standing Clematis Street club Flow just reopened under new ownership, right on schedule to woo all the big-money, big-mouthed snowbirds roosting across the Intracoastal in Palm Beach. The place is ready for the influx, offering a slick, upscale den that's regularly packed with impossibly bodacious females and their shiny-shirted, well-gelled male counterparts. But along with all the bare flesh, a Ferrari-fast bar staff, and a debaucherous, anything-goes party policy, Flow offers the one thing that can boost a fledgling nightclub into a buzzworthy hot spot: good music.

Teaming with San Francisco Bay Area promoters Wet Music, Flow pooled a month's worth of weekends throughout December. Although old-school legend DJ Charles Feelgood and Miami-based Juicy Music founder Robbie Rivera are highlights of the past two weeks, this Saturday's guest is the star on top of Flow's December tree. Andy Caldwell is one of those rare deck-wreckers who's also a capable instrumentalist. He's a trained trumpet player and former keyboardist for the critically acclaimed, ambient soul band Soulstice. But turntables are his weapon of choice these days, and the San Francisco native is all over the SF dance scene, appearing on comps by Bay Area mainstays OM Records and mushroom jazzer Mark Farina. His high-octane house style melts dance floors like butter on toast, always relentlessly funky and usually a little bit off center. Some rockin' guitar, a little electro, a few soulful vocals, and a lot of bass have taken this guy a long way. Check him out at Flow and see how far he takes you.

Andy Caldwell spins with DJ Beau Renzi at 11 p.m. Saturday, December 17, at Flow, 308 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $10. Call 561-833-9555.


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