The Deep End

If the name Mike Miro isn't yet on the tip of clubgoers' tongues, it soon will be. Once a faithful visitor to the Edge (now Revolution) during its mid-1990s all-nighters, Miro recently assumed his post as an up-and-coming progressive house/trance DJ. Following the hallowed paths of local figurehead Austin Leeds, Miro is on his way to establishing himself at several SoFla hot spots. (His live debut is June 25 at Hollywood's Club X-it.) Like many evolved ex-ravers, Miro has adopted a healthier perspective as a producer/DJ. "I got started in 1996, when I was a student at the Art Institute, attending raves every chance I got," he says. "For some people, it was mostly about the drugs. For me, it was all about the music."

His mixes soon circulated among area tastemakers, and Miro quickly turned his vinyl fascination into a full-fledged obsession. His Natural Selection collections -- downloadable through his website ( -- mix club-ready tracks from Paul Van Dyk to Depeche Mode. But today, Miro feels weary of his community. "The South Florida dance scene has severely weakened in Broward and Palm Beach, besides Voodoo, Karma, Sonar and X-it," he says. "But the dance scene in Miami is definitely a great indicator that the scene is still going strong." Let's point that gauge back northward, Mike.

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