The Devil Wears Prada at Revolution, December 3

Over the past six years, the Devil Wears Prada has risen above one of the more unfortunate (and possibly copyright-infringing) names in heavy music to become one of the most popular and even respected acts on the metalcore scene. Despite early Christian leanings, the Dayton, Ohio, sextet has levitated out of the worship music ghetto by winning fans over with uncompromising riffage and relatively prolific output. The band has released four proper full-lengths since 2005, with heavy touring behind each, making band members look like elder statesmen of a subgenre scene less than a decade old. Top support on this tour comes from Whitechapel, a Tennessee act known for its strong death-metal leanings, and Enter Shikari, one of the first acts to brazenly mix posthardcore with electronic beats.


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