The Dewars/Re-Doers: Download Everything!

Luckily, we already know the Pent Up Joy is still in the works. In case you haven't looked at their Facebook page lately, they are, as Anthony Dewar told us, "leaking a flood of old songs onto Facebook from SoundCloud, and that's mainly to till the soil for our crop of new songs. We are now just making cash and working out a harmonious set of cover songs in St. Augustine and our alias is The Re-doers. Living here as quite temporary, but as for what's next, we have no solid plans."

We really wish that part about the cover band was the truth. But yes -- in just the past few days alone, they've flooded our feeds with song after song, each accompanied by a description. And they're all available for free download.

Our personal favorite is "I Miss My Home," straight from The Dewars' vault. It may (we hope) apply to their current situation as much as it did to their past one. In The Dewars' own words: "This one was written the day before we left West Palm Beach for Bradenton, Florida, some five years back. It's called "I Miss My Home."

Be sure to cop everything else at their SoundCloud.

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