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The Duck Tavern

The Duck Tavern, a laid-back pub stuck in the thick of gaudy Boca, has a very un-Boca uninhibited vibe. This is a place where people drink — and live — from the cup of plenty. A glance at the nightly specials is proof enough, with a variety of strange tequilas, pomegranate liquors, and huckleberry vodkas all just begging to be shot down the gullet. For a chaser, there's always a cold beer from the Duck's "Around the World" menu — selections like Baltika Classic from Russia or Cusquena from Peru. The bar challenges adventurous drinkers to explore each beer by keeping personalized checklists of their progress. Complete it and you get a Duck T-shirt and — what else? — a minikeg to call your own. Of course, those aren't the only lists that are personalized around this place — the patrons have taken to scrawling their names with chalk on each brick of the bar's rustic walls. That's a good thing, because if you forget your new drinking buddy's name, you can always look it up.

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