The Ettes' Garage Rock Fury Coming to Respectable Street

Partying with Nashville garage rockers the Ettes would be great — judging by their entertaining nicknames alone. Nimble vocalist Lindsay "Coco" Hames, deft drummer Maria "Poni" Silver, resolute bassist Jeremy "Jem" Cohen, and recently added guitarist Johnny "Shoulders" Cauffiel currently fill out the quartet. Hanging out with a guy called Shoulders would be cool enough, but he comes from a group humble enough to embrace being labeled "beat-punk" by Nylon.

Plus, the Ettes is a group of unabashed procrastinators, which is weirdly endearing. Last year's Do You Want Power was delayed by darts, drinking, and Lost marathons and conveys the energy of something spat out in under a week. Doesn't all of this add up to company that's worth keeping?


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