The Expendables to Bring Reggae Rock to Culture Room

Based on the massive local crowds at Slightly Stoopid and Iration shows in the past year, it's safe to say that there is a surfer-stoner party just waiting to break out at all times. Invite one of the fine descendants of Sublime, and let's rage. Although the Expendables hail from further up the California coast than most '90s third wave ska bands, the guys carry on the same spirit. The sound leans heavier on Upsetters-style reggae grooves, and lets up on Operation Ivy's punk energy. It's at once soothing and uplifting — perfect jams for the beach, or the after-party.

Over 14 years, the Expendables have earned a strong following, and have hit the road with 311, Less than Jake, and G. Love and the Special Sauce. This year's headlining tour supports the group's fifth album, 2010's Prove It. Along for the show are the smooth lyrics over upbeat reggae-ska rhythms of Big B and iLa Mawana's deeper, dub feel, and pop-punk act Crazy Carls. The lineup is cohesive, yet diverse enough to keep it exciting all night.


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