The International Noise Conference

It's puzzling why people hell-bent on blowing people's minds via so-called "noise music" so often also seem hell-bent on blowing their sonic victims' olfactory senses. So weird smells aside, the International Noise Conference is the place to see and hear shit you will not likely hear in any other venue in South Florida. It draws musicians and performers from all over the world, and many, many local performers turn in sets that go outside their normal endeavors. Thursday night is usually the local smorgasbord, and this year's edition is no different: Performers include the Squelchers, Dino Felipe, Otto von Schirach, and Ha Ha Help! This year, the INC is also traveling to SXSW, but first, Rat Bastard and friends will take over Churchill's in their time-honored annual tradition. The full lineup is available on the Squelchers' website,

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